Moana (2016) {spoiler alert}

I have nothing but unbirdled love for this movie after the first viewing.

To start with, I love the fact that Moana is the natural heir to her father as the tribe’s Chief without anyone questioning why a girl is doing the job. That is an “issue” and while it could have been worked into the story, I’m glad it wasn’t. 

I love the grandmother guiding Moana onto her path. I love that little moment when Moana is leaving and her mother walks in on her her packing her things and only encourages her to leave with her blessings. I love how this is a story of going beyond the barriers/reef and the story itself crosses many barriers.

The soundtrack is amazing and while I’m not a fan of musicals, the songs in this one are awesome. How Far I’ll Go definitely gave the La La Land songs a run for their money this year. 

I can’t help thinking the whole human-island form comparison is the same as in The Red Turtle. Is it a thing now? 

The Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Easter egg had me laughing and is my favourite. A quick Google search informed me of many more Easter eggs I had missed. However, I did not see a comparison between The Hobbit’s Smaug and Tamatoa. So maybe that one was just my imagination.

I like the vibrant colours in the movie and wish I could have watched it in 3D in a theatre. It would have absolutely been a treat. 

 Zootopia was one of my 2016 absolute favourites and since Moana comes from the same creators, it does not fail to entertain and thrill in the same way.

I loved the climax.I loved the gentle resolution of all plot lines. I loved the protagonists and the comedy. 

Honestly, I think the more diverse the arts become, the better they get. 

Kudos to Moana for being so politically correct but also none of it is in your face – it is just a wonderful story for everyone to enjoy! 


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