Trolls (2016) {spoiler alert}

You know the movie is not that good when you’re itching to check out the soundtrack in the middle of the movie. The soundtrack was awesome and while the movie wasn’t outright bad, I admit I hung on till the end because I was just enjoying the soundtrack so much.

The storyline was horribly predictable. When Bridget ushers out all the Trolls and returns to face the music with the empty pan, I was hoping there would be some saving grace to the movie in the form of the Bergens discovering happiness for themselves somehow. I won’t have been so disappointed in the movie then. However, it took happy and righteous Poppy’s lecture to show the Bergens’ true meaning of happiness. 

The trollness was just unbearable at that point.

Very trite. Very trollish. 

Worth a watch only if you’re looking to distract yourself with something mindless. But honestly, there are much better movies even in that genre.

It wasn’t horrible. But the jokes weren’t that funny and the theme of happiness is so overused by this point that unless there is something original or interesting, it just feels too preachy and boring – and definitely does not garner any laughter.

P.S. The word “trolls” did not have any improved image of it in my mind after watching this movie. Box-trolls are still my most favourite trolls. 


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