Saving Private Ryan (1998) {spoiler alert}

A legendary movie that I watched too late.

It is quite long – three hours – and I’m not American and do not have any war history. 

I watched it because it is such a legendary movie (I do not have any other adjective for it right now). 

And, I just kept thinking about how tough it must have been to coordinate and shoot such violent war scenes. Because they are so long. I feel awful because this is such a celebrated movie and I feel like I missed all of it even though I have spent the last three hours watching it. 

I like the whole story and the moral dilemmas and I liked the soldiers and Tom Hanks was brilliant as always. But I liked it like I like vanilla ice cream – because it is vanilla ice cream but really, with chocolate and tiramisu and cookie dough and American nuts and rum and raisins and so many lovely flavours out there, why would anyone choose to have vanilla ice cream? 

I wasn’t much affected by Tom Hanks’ character even though I reiterate that it was awesome acting. In fact, I felt worse when Jackson dies and a really poignant moment for me was when Upham kills the German soldier. 

I’m sorry. I feel really bad and upset that I don’t get what is so legendary about this movie. It is a very good movie but when I think of legends, I think Godfather (1 and 2 – never 3) and I think The Big Lebowski and Barton Fink and I think Miller’s Crossing and Pulp Fiction this doesn’t really feel even close to them. 

I don’t know.

I feel awful.

I’ll definitely watch it again when I’m not having such a hard time at work and life in general, I guess.


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