John Wick (2014) {spoiler alert}

Keanu Reeves with long hair and beard. Incessant gun action. Mild to moderate amount of bloodshed. Many dead bodies (the dead dog being the worst). Assholes. Few women in bikini. Surprisingly no sex (bonus points for this). Clubs. Switzerland hotel for assassins. A splattering of Russian for those who understand it. Cars

Nothing to tax my mind over. This is the movie I watched because I didn’t want to think. And there’s something deeply satisfying to the more primitive parts of my brain to watch all the violence and just feel relaxed/entertained. 

This one’s a no brainer like playing a kill them all video game. And that is good. 

Next time I want to switch off my brain and only entertain my amygdala, I’ll pick up the Chapter 2.

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