Suicide Squad (2016) {spoiler alert}

I suppose this movie makes sense to DC Comics fans but to me, it was a sloppily written and noisy movie. The plot twists were painfully overdramatic. After watching Heath Ledger’s Joker, Jared Leto’s version was just bad. Everything was incoherent and didn’t seem to go along well together. Psychologically, this movie was pretty handicapped. Rather than creating something with characters who act as they are, the movie was basically just things happening because that is how the writer wanted them to happen. There was no sign of any thought being put into creating a strong story. 

The casting was awful. Margot Robbie looked too old for her role and it was just bad acting after a point. There were just too many colourful characters and not enough time to any of them (except Deadbolt, maybe). Even so, it could have been presented much better but the scenes jerk from here to there too much with no time for the viewer to feel the flow. Joker’s presence didn’t seem to make much of a difference and they could have done away with the Joker entirely. I’m not sure why Harley Quinn’s flashbacks mattered so much because for much of the story, Deadbolt seemed more important. Then again, the randomness of the Witch’s story development was tiring. 

It is movie made post 2015. They can easily do so much better than this. I don’t know who David Ayer is or what else he has directed but I am absolutely unmotivated to check out more of his works.

Ultimately, they tried to cover the shoddy movie with a soundtrack featuring everyone from Eminem to twenty one pilots and nowadays, whenever I see a movie trying that hard, I know that even the moviemakers know that they failed at their job.

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